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Funds raised by our organization allow us to send aide to the Philippines in the tradition of pasalubong in balikbayan boxes. We run various campaigns through the year based on the needs communicated to us by our Filipino outreach partners.

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Your online financial contribution allows us to purchase physical goods such as school supplies, clothing, backpacks, basic medical remedies and hygiene items that are difficult to come by in the Philippines.


Pasalubong, a Tagalog word literally meaning “[something] meant for you when you welcome me back“, is the Filipino tradition of a homecoming gift. It is one of the most distinctive and widely practiced Filipino traditions. Pasalubong can be any gift or souvenir brought for family, loved ones, or friends after being away for a period of time. It can also be any gift given by someone arriving from a distant place.

The container that these gifts arrive in has a special name: the balikbayan box.

These boxes might contain nearly anything that can fit and that the sender thinks the recipient would like. They are typically filled with items that are either difficult to find or generally too expensive to purchase in the Philippines.

Common gifts include: non-perishable food, toiletries, household items, electronics, toys, designer clothing, coffee, tea, chocolate, nuts and vitamins.  In our case, we often include school supplies as well as basic medical supplies and OTC remedies.

The balikbayan boxes come in three standard sizes:

• Medium: 18 x 16 x 18 inches
• Large: 18 x 18 x 24 inches
• Extra large: 24 x 18 x 24 inches

Tacoma to Manila

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We ship these boxes from LBC Portland, a shipping company based in Manila. The boxes travel to Tacoma and then leave port via ocean cargo ship with a 4 week travel time to Manila. Upon arrival, they are loaded onto a plane and sent to their destination.

The current cost to ship these boxes ranges from $60.00 to $85.00 per box depending on size, with no weight limits. Cost also depends on the region the box is being shipped to.

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